Life: Humpback Whale Sighting (Thursday)

My commute across the (beloved to me) San Francisco Bay has been full of photographic inspiration, but I didn’t expect it also to be full of impressive marine mammals!

Sure, I’ve seen a seal near the Ferry Building, and was charmed. But… a whale? IN THE BAY? I know they swim there, but I wasn’t expecting to SEE one.

But I had a sharp-eyed colleague with me, and he spotted a spout, so I DID see a whale. A humpback, from the fin.

My sharp-eyed colleague also insisted that I report the sighting to the Marine Mammal Center’s page for whale and dolphin sightings, (, so I did that, and got a very nice reply from a scientist later on.

Any day that starts with a whale turning up alive and well during your morning commute is going to be a good day!

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