Life: End of Year Update

So, I haven’t posted in a very long time, and… so much has happened that I can’t summarize it all today!

The highlights: I emptied my home of 20 years, moved to a neighborhood where all the little dogs have their own outfits, had a major structural retrofit start at my house, covered the work of multiple open roles at my job, photographed an amazing series of sunsets, spent a lot of time enjoying holiday lights, and caught COVID.

The books I was in the process of reading are all in storage, and most of my ordinary habits have been very much disrupted. I’ll get back to them, but I’ve been living in an interim (liminal?) state for months.

I’ll get back to myself and start posting again. In the meantime, best wishes for a healthy and happy 2023.

Book: Unknown Number by Azure

Unknown Number
by Azure (
published on Twitter

This is a sci-fi story about parallel universes, and a person who makes contact with a parallel version of themselves to see how their life could have been different. It’s concise! It’s great! Go read it.