Climate Emergency Life: Oddly Tinted Sunlight Persists

When I look directly at the sun (which I should not be able to do), the sun and the light that reaches us here at ground/sea level still has a strangely orange tint. Considering the vastness of the fires in my region, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

It’s not just my region, of course. There are fires all up the western coast of North America, and serious fires in Canada that have also destroyed entire towns. Heck, it isn’t even about North America. This month, we have seen raging fires in Turkey, raging fires in Greece, even raging fires in SIBERIA, in North Africa, in… well, you get it.

Strangely, a colleague said a friend of hers was leaving California to avoid the wildfires. I made a face, because… leaving one state to escape the global climate emergency won’t work. (I’m not listing all the locations that have experienced floods in the news over the past month, but it is just as long a list, and it is happening for all the same reasons…) I wonder how long it will take her friend to figure that out…

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