Book (Manhwa): The Castle: Keeper of the Sacred Eye by Jin Soye, hyeyong, pecan

Cover for The Castle: Keeper of the Sacred Eye

The Castle: Keeper of the Sacred Eye
by Jin Soye, hyeyong, pecan
published by Tappytoon (50 chapters ( 1 season), on hiatus / to be continued)
2023 (?) – present

Back in February, I summarized this comic as “contemporary imaginary Korean royalty battle evil spirits trapped in paintings through heterosexuality.” That is still a concise and funny summary, but I can do better… Maybe.

Jo Yuyeon is a redhead in a bad situation in contemporary Korea. She is indebted to her boss, who is keeping her comatose mother on life support in exchange for her complete devotion to running his businesses, while living in her boss’ home, and being an exploited girlfriend of the boss’ disagreeable son. A chance encounter with an evil spirit in a painting reveals that she has skills the Korean royal family needs – and she catches Prince Geon’s eye. Her adoptive family would rather get their spoiled daughter into the palace, and not give Yuyeon up. And the palace itself has a powerful spirit with its own opinion.

This has a story quite unlike the other comics I’m reading, and I have no idea how it will turn out. I want more contemporary Korean content, and so I’ll pick this up again in Season 2.

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