Books (Manga): A Friendship So Impure by Cherangbi, Chomi

Cover of A Friendship So Impure on Tappytoon

A Friendship So Impure
by Cherangbi, Chomi
published by Tappytoon (50 chapters – complete)

So many manga are intended for all-ages audiences; even if they are in the romance genre, they are often centered on youth romance in which the starring couple has limited physical contact. Happily, this is not one of those comics! This is a steamy, sexy comic in which an attractive couple get together, take off their clothes, and loudly enjoy nights of passion.

Siyeong is a cute young woman with a gift for languages, who winds up working with her boyfriend’s friend, Jihoo, at his startup. Siyeong is soft and pretty; Jihoo is handsome, fit, tall, rich, and shy. When Siyeong’s fiancé turns out to be a jerk, Jihoo is literally standing right there, being all warm, supportive, handsome, and attentive… and he wants to be so much more.

The drawing style is soft, using a limited palette of colors and minimal lines; I found the illustration style internally consistent and appealing. The characters have charming faces! Below-the-waist anatomy is illustrated with precision, yet also flooded with white ink; exactly what they are doing to each other is very clearly drawn. (The sound effects entertained me.) This comic is only available in “Mature” mode as a result.

This is a fantasy, so the attractiveness, stylish wardrobe, physical attributes, and ‘unnatural aptitude despite limited experience’ from Jihoo in particular exceed non-fantasy abilities. There are scenes outside of the bedroom to ground their relationship in a context, and Jihoo has to perform some gendered duties (protector, provider, etc.) consistent with Korean romance-themed comics I have read so far.

This comic charmed me, and I was rooting for this couple to be together.

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