News: US Achieves Three Million COVID-19 Cases; World Achieves Twelve Million

US reaches 3m confirmed Covid-19 cases as Pence pushes for schools to reopen – as it happened

Johns Hopkins tracker confirms US has hit 3m mark, representing about a quarter of the world’s total cases

That was fast.

Also, it occurs to me that “pandemic” might be the wrong tag for this in the long term. Because, you know. This might not be the only one during the running cycle of this blog. (Yikes.) (No, really, it is OPTIMISM, because I think I’ll be able to live through it to write about the next one!)

The Johns Hopkins Corona Virus resource page shows there are over Twelve Million cases globally, While that also seems fast, you have to realize that my own, very large country is going up 60,000 CASES PER DAY.

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