Coffee: Addictive Coffee

Soooooo tasty!

I realize that the books to coffee ratio on this site has been skewed in favor of books, so I will try to catch up a bit!

My employer recently moved into a new building, and the new building came with new coffees to enjoy, in the enormous, stainless steel drip-coffee brewers that fill the pump dispensers in countless food service establishments.

Delightfully, the coffee on my floor is from Addictive Coffee Roasters in Marin, California ( Their single-origin medium roast is Huehuetenango, a delicious coffee that brews well in our machines, and delivers a deep, dark, flavorful cup. The tasting notes (cocoa, orange peel, vanilla) are on point!

I drink it black, with sugar, and sometimes with a splash of almond milk. It’s good stuff, as I can tell by my increased consumption over the prior supplier’s beans, and I’m thrilled we have it.