Music: Rap Tribute to Gov. Whitmer

This brief earworm keeps getting stuck in my head. It’s CUTE!

GmacCash – Big Gretch (OfficialAudio) Prod. By Primo Beats (on YouTube).

There aren’t enough governors receiving rap tributes, to be honest. Perhaps they have only recently started to get press at a level the public can appreciate, as some of them demonstrate much needed leadership during our current global crisis.

(Note: Buffs are a particular model of Cartier sunglasses , which the artist hopes to gift to the Governor. Thanks, Internet!)

Mood music

I’m listening to Limbik Frequencies, as I have been for much of the self-quarantine. I think one of my friends calls it my robot music, but it is more fun that that!

I’m amused that every so often, I get a flash back to sitting in a Virgin America plane, beneath violet lights, waiting for my plane to take off – certain tunes put out that so-hip-downtempo-club-loop vibe. 🙂