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This is a selection of writings from 2014 through at least early 2019, which didn't fit nicely enough into my Google+ posting habit (and now, it seems, will survive that service entirely). These reflect a new chapter in my life, in which I abruptly had the obligation and opportunity to travel internationally for work. This allowed me to have unexpected experiences, which I wrote about in between trips. Now, after five unexpected years of intense business travel have ended, I can write about my experiences more in retrospect, and will do so here.

Admittedly: it is still mostly about books. I haven't yet found the perfect web-database tool to organize my scattered writing about books, but I will eventually.

Let's begin.

Bonus: a random section of "featurettes" links

The horsewomen of the apolocalypse wear low-rise jeans | A list of things I have in common with my cousin, Ollie | Ice Station J*mba, a work of fiction about being isolated in the executive wing of an office... assuming that can be represented by an antarctic scientific base roamed by improbably located Yeti | Music on my iPhone as of June 2008. I like how I transcribed a comment about my phone having no moving parts to read "no music parts." It is strangely endearing. | My 1992 Japan Travelogue. Because there is so much of it.

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