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006 : photography : flashback: February 2008

evening photograph of San Francisco Bay at dusk from a moving car, photograph by A.E. Graves

I am trying to choose just one favorite phone photo from my phone photo blog for each month, and it's difficult. Especially early on in the photo blog, when everything felt new. Everything wasn't new: I just hadn't photographed anything with my phone before, and it felt like that needed to happen.


This was still a difficult choice, because my February 2008 iPhone photo blog archive also features images from Hakone Gardens, succulents in a neighbor's front yard ("Like hearts of roses") that I used as my phone screen for the entire 5 years of my phone's operational existence, photos of redwood trees at Point Reyes, and my favorite agave in the local botanical gardens.

'Too many happy memories' is a nice photo problem to have.

I'm going with this image from the second page of the archive, Evening on the Bay. It reminds me of how I felt working in the East Bay for the first time, and how strange it seemed to have the Bay between me and the sunset. My beloved hometown was always in view, but... still far. Shimmering across the water, along with the fading warm sunsets. The north bay, which is obscured by lovely islands and inlets from the City, was grand, and full of subtle shadows. This is a view from the toll plaza area on the eastern shore, at a time of day when the wetlands were truly wet, looking northwest.

The Bay was a mirror of color and light precisely defining the distance between my job and my hometown. And when that light faded, it was mesmerizing, in all directions.

(A dear friend teases me about the dreamy, loving way I say, 'the Bay.' I think he is jealous...)

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(posted January 11, 2013)

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