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007 : photography : flashback: March 2008

San Francisco alley just south of Market Street, photograph by A.E. Graves

My March 2008 iPhone photo blog archive includes photos from the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, photos of me wearing bunny slippers, images of dramatically whipped clouds lit with gold streaks of sunlight, images of my favorite salvage yard, plus textures from a lovely local nursery's more exotic wares... It must have been a good month. :)

The narrow winner is Dark Alley. It stands out to me because it doesn't look like San Francisco. It resembles the San Francisco of my youth, though, since an alley like this (or an extension of this alley) ran behind the Emporium, and mid-1970s bargain shoppers would brave this back-street to enter the basement and seek deals in clearance bins under the glare of cold fluorescent bulbs... I recall this more clearly than I should: I don't know what made that experience stand out to me. I do know that those overhead walkways crossing above the alley in the distance were fascinating to me, and there were some of those at or near the Emporium.

The light is also harsh and a bit strange.

Just a block or so away, Market Street is overflowing with people...

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(posted January 11, 2013)

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