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016 : travel : Europe : notes from a train ride between Basel and Strasbourg

Basel to Strasbourg

I kept notes of impressions of my day trip to Strasbourg and its Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (http://www.musees.strasbourg.eu). I wrote them in a tiny notebook I keep with me while traveling, and then dictated the descriptions to my phone. Some of the dictated text is quite mysterious to me now, and some charming: "half-tempted houses" (rather than half-timbered), Maderran (for modern), infrequent lights in the fog damn relative to the black for lesson tubes (for lesson = fluorescent, but some of the rest is a mystery), sick fog (thick)... I don't have the little notebook handy, so I'll do my best to interpret my second-hand communication to myself.

My photographs from this trip can be found in my Google photo album here: 2014.01 Strasbourg, France.

train to Strasbourg


musée d'art moderne et contemporain

(I captured impressions of this building in photographs, so the notes are light.)

The return to Basel (Bâle in French)

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