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003 : photography : flashback: January 2008

evening photograph of San Francisco Bay Bridge through a dirty or wet car window, photograph by A.E. Graves

I've taken thousands of phone photos since January 2008. Thousands. What's funny is that the "good" ones aren't always the ones I remember, or that I like best when I look back at them.

This is just a simple image, taken out the back of a car window while riding with a friend back into San Francisco from work. I like the color of the sky, the brightness of the lights, and the ambiguity of the dirt (?) giving the light halos... It's what leaving the East Bay after a long day at work felt like. A bit festive. A bit bright. Quite a bit hazy from fatigue.

It felt like this.

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(posted June 11, 2012, updated September 12, 2015)

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