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travel: places I have been, plus some food

When I donate blood or platelets, as I did last week (and often have in recent years) I need to list the countries I've visited during the last twelve months.

This has been complicated in recent years. 2014 was a unique year in my life, and so my list was long enough to surprise me: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom! 2015 added Austria, Hungary, and Germany. . . Each time I've donated, my intake coordinator has been pleased that I wasn't at risk for malaria or ebola, but it is strange to hear how long the list is, just the same.

My life hasn't historically been like this. I love to travel, but have always been self-funded through my work, and my career was slow to provide me funding to travel widely. I've been working on a special project that has required international travel since 2013, and I have made the most of finding myself with free weekends IN EUROPE whenever I could!

Countries I have visited (excluding the U.S., since I live there; recent additions are indicated by year in parenthesis):

US States I have visited:

US Cities I have lived in and had a fixed mailing address in (shown in order of preference):

Country/Culture favorite dishes, a list likely to influence my future travel plans:

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(posted November 29, 2014, updated August 14, 2016)

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