In a past incarnation, this was the Teahouse for the Contemplation of Enchiladas. Now it is a teahouse for the contemplation of many things, just some of which happen to be enchiladas.

Louvre pyramid detail, September 2014 image by A.E. Graves

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Active content

yes: something like a blog in an age when everyone has one, but written in a primitive fashion and uploaded infrequently. That's just how old-school I am.

Archive and Core content, evolving slowly, changing infrequently

'things consumed 1 archive': an archive from July 2002 through April 2010 of my own bi-weekly writing on recipes, restaurants, spicy food love, various day-to-day obsessions, dubious dairy product ingredients, amusing news stories, and general self-indulgence. This navigation page features monthly summaries and links to all tags used.

words about pictures: thoughts about photography, one of my major passions.

books: reading, my ever-growing/never complete library, book binding, fiction writing

expression: more books, comics, photography, artists, friends, news, films, mixed media

food: foods I love, favorite cookbooks, links to my recipes, places I love to eat in San Francisco, California (currently); places I loved to eat in Vancouver, Canada and San Bruno, California in the past (old info)

Other sites of mine

Arlene Graves on Google+. A quiet social media tool.

aegraves.com. my photographic portfolio domain, published under my middle name. This isn't a catalog: just a teaser.

twitter.com/mobilelene. small observations, 99% of which are in the form of haiku. Bonus link: favorite tweets by others (requires account).

Other archives of mine

things consumed 2 (mobilelene.tumblr.com). a now inactive Tumblelog of engaging content, especially NASA photos of nebulae, but also including favored fonts, mail art, Polaroid and Impossible Project prints, favorite links, and highlights from my own work. Bonus link: More than 1,000 Tumblr posts I've liked (requires login).

mobilelene.blogspot.com. an archive of my iPhone 1 photo blog, which ran from January 2008 until the phone went to the Big Apple Store In The Sky in September 2012. It served me well!

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