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I have had webpages of my own to post writing on since the late 1990s. I love weblogs (blogs), and would likely still be posting to things consumed here at teahousehome.com if Blogger hadn't discontinued ftp support. I understand that decision... But the new platforms don't give me any sense of control after I send my writing off into the world.

So this is a hybrid. I can write here, and then share the posts, linking back to the source. I maintain control, and some sense of what my own archive contains.

There will be two ways to review the items I post here: in the order posted or by topic. I'll post navigational tools when there is more to navigate, until which I'll keep this somewhat random. The topics will include travel (especially New York and Europe (!?!)), fine art, art projects, "postcards" (a photo with a short note), "appropos of nothing," and books. The main threat to this page is that it will just become yet another one of my books pages. As if that is a bad thing.

Let's begin.

Bonus: a random section of "featurettes" links

The horsewomen of the apolocalypse wear low-rise jeans | A list of things I have in common with my cousin, Ollie | Places I eat with my colleagues in or near Emeryville, from back when I worked in Eville | Ice Station J*mba, a work of fiction about being isolated in the executive wing of an office... assuming that can be represented by an antarctic scientific base roamed by improbably located Yeti | Music on my iPhone as of June 2008. I like how I transcribed a comment about my phone having no moving parts to read "no music parts." It is strangely endearing. | My 1992 Japan Travelogue. Because there is so much of it. The link to Delicious soft drinks I consumed in Japan in 1992 isn't as good as this link is.

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