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Monday, March 10, 2008


Recent, randomly experienced dreams.

My hair had exactly the same texture that it does now, but it was a really cold white with a hint of blue. (Sort of like a cellophane, if you know what that is. It shines blue, but doesn't necessarily look blue straight on.)


I was hanging out in a punk rock club (if there is such a thing - it sounds so, institutional, somehow) with a friend. We had a cool stencil and some spray paint. We had on Chuck Taylors. We had time on our hands, and an irrational desire to improve some inane posters for some inane punk band with our stencils and spray paint.

We acted. We created no unhealthy fumes, but instead created art. And then, it turned out that the band whose posters we had improved was actually in the club, and noticed what we were doing. We fled.


I was supposed to play with their family dog, which I was told was as large as a pony. But, as I stood there on the open hillside, and the dog ran toward me through a cattle chute, I learned it wasn't just as large as a pony: it WAS a pony. A pony with... suspiciously dog-like behaviors. It could even lie on its side and pant with its tail wagging. I wondered: what have they DONE to this poor pony to make it act this way?


posted by Arlene (Beth)9:12 PM

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