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Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

  cloudy sky over Emeryville, New Year's Eve 2009, by A.E. Graves2009 is not a year I'm going to miss: years involving major transitions are often uncomfortable, like new jeans that just don't fit correctly, and won't until you've really had a chance to break them in. Or perhaps drop a few pounds, and then make a bad analogy about them.

The good things in 2009 were truly good: invaluable friendships, the joy and laughter with the people closest to me, successfully building my first large format camera, getting my work from the new camera into a juried New York City gallery show (and going to NYC for the opening!), having a local gallerist choose some of my work to hang in San Francisco in 2010, developing the optimism to date again (and actually going on dates), getting better at yoga, witnessing the cautious beginnings of actual recognition for my skill and hard work at my job...

The bad things were just incredibly bad. I'm doing my best to leave the roughest parts of 2009 behind, keeping the lessons, the scars that can't be healed with Vitamin E, and little else. I've got a new face cream that's doing wonders for the lines from looking so damned pensive all the time.

I have great plans and a full tank of optimism for 2010. I hope it's a great year for us all.

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posted by Arlene (Beth)12:10 AM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

  Ecocity World Summit 2008 comes to San Francisco.
Throughout Earth Day Week, April 22-26, 2008 in San Francisco, California, the Ecocity World Summit (7th International Ecocity Conference) will be convening an international community of inspired change-makers; courageous individuals who are addressing problems of the world's environment with thoughtful long-range solutions that are truly sustainable, ecologically healthy and socially just.

The International Ecocity Conference Series brings together the key innovators, decision makers, technologists, businesses and organizations shaping the conversation around ecological and sustainable city, town and village design, planning and development. We intend to put these issues on the economic and environmental agenda for 2008 and beyond.
I could use a dose of this!

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posted by Arlene (Beth)9:54 AM

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