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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

  Peaches. When Steven went to pick up his number for Sunday's 5k run (part of the SF Marathon's program), he stopped at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market ( and bought me some peaches.

Heavenly, heavenly yellow peaches. Though they only remind me that late last summer there were incredible, enormous, bright yellow cling peaches available at the farmer's market. The farmer's had a sign up insisting that the peaches taste like mangoes... which I sort of see, but they were primarily dominated by a divine peach-iness, and a fabulously firm texture, even when completely ripe.

I can't wait for those to be available again.

Of course, those peaches aren't carried by my local grocers, who only get produce from distribution companies with a very limited menu of options. Which is such a shame: those cling peaches are better than the "standard" yellow peaches they carry half the year and import from as far as Chile...


posted by Arlene (Beth)9:30 PM

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