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Thursday, June 05, 2008

  A note about the photos in my Riverbank entry: two of the images were actually taken outside of Riverbank, from the Amtrak train heading south toward Riverbank from Antioch. The oak-lined path is a park across the river from my mother. I don't have many photos of Riverbank proper for a few reasons: I don't spend much time in town, and I don't like the way the town looks. It is mostly street and cars, with everything else so wide-spaced that you can't really tell you're in a town. In the newer sections, there are also strip malls. So it resists looking like my definition of a town.

I'll try harder to photograph it at some point, but it is... complicated. I would want you to be able to tell that I was in Riverbank, but there isn't much in the parts of Rivebank that I have seen that makes that plain.


posted by Arlene (Beth)10:00 PM

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