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Sunday, July 01, 2007

  When weight doesn't matter: the luxury of 'car camping.' At last week's four night camping trip, it was SO EASY to choose foods to bring along, because we only had to carry our supplies a few yards away from the trunk of the car to our bear locker, where our foods could be safely stored (for us and for the bears). We still opted for foods that cooked quickly and didn't involve many cooking implements, but it was still a breeze.

We had:

-instant oatmeal with cranberries and other dried fruit. We also take this backpacking, of course, but it's good enough to eat even when you don't need to limit the weight of your supplies.
-two types of instant rice noodle soups that came in their own bowls. These were from TJ's, in garlic and mushroom flavors, and were tasty. They came in moulded bowls, and we only needed to add boiling water to the ingredients and then let the noodles absorb the water for a few minutes. It was nice not to need to do dishes afterward, but it was annoying that there were about 5 layers of packaging that came with these soups.
-cookies! TJ's makes a great "vegan trail mix cookie," plus we got one of their oatmeal cookies. These are full of nuts, and quite filling.
-vanilla and chocolate soy milks.
-fruit juice. Because we could!

lunches we had on the trail, and so kept things light. We had:
-multi-grain sourdough bread with sliced fontina and a chunky, roasted mixed veggie spread with garlic and olive oil
-salted cashews
-honey roasted peanuts
-candied ginger
-dried mixed fruit (bananas, cranberries, pineapple, apricots, raisins, etc.)
-energy bars
-more cookies

dinners were relaxed and large. We had:
-fresh artichoke ravioli with a mild tomato sauce.
-TJ's instant Indian entrees (the kind that come in sealed foil pouches which you cook by setting them into boiling water, along with TJ's precooked wild rice (now available in similar pouches!)
-spaghetti, in the rest of the tomato sauce with multi-grain sourdough bread.

We brought a lot more food than we needed (mixed olive tapenade, cans of very tasty split pea soup, additional snacks), but I messed things up by not wanting dinner the first night, and not having much of an appetite during the trip generally.

All of you non-backpackers are confused by my enthusiasm, but you really have NO IDEA how nice it is to have cranberry juice with breakfast, or a big mug of chocolate soymilk before bed...


posted by Arlene (Beth)9:28 PM

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