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Sunday, July 22, 2007

  Tour de Fat ( It was fabulous: Speedway Meadow, sunny weather, 6,500+ people attending, 100+ volunteers (like me, carding and tagging people who wanted to enter the biergarten), wacky circus acts, a performance by the Sprockettes, "Portland's Original Minibike Dance Troupe" that left me in tears of laughter... It was a day of fun that benefitted my beloved bike coalition to the tune of $10k+.

All that, and I learned that there is a beer I like. Appropriately enough for me, considering my habits, it is a beer made from an obscure recipe. New Belgium ( (who set up a very well designed, interesting website for their activities like the Tour de Fat, their eco-friendly recycling projects, etc. at have a tasty, dark beer called 1554, a "Brussels style black ale." I don't usually drink beer, and so I'm not sure how to describe it in beer-y (or ale-y) terms. It has a lovely flavor, deep without being too bitter; it has a lovely color, a rich hue that appeals to me the same way good coffee does; it tastes clean in my mouth... It's just plain pleasant, and I plan to buy and drink more of this.

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posted by Arlene (Beth)10:00 PM

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