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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

  Random quote I like. From issue 24 of McSweeney's, in an essay by David Gates about Donald Barthelme:
I'd like to think that he and I had moments in which we recognized each other: not as a great man and admirer, but as people somewhat alike who, had our ages and circumstances been different, might have been friends.
The 'great man and admirer' part isn't what I like, because I'm not much of a fan, and can't relate to fandom: I see people who I admire as other people. What appeals to me is the idea of recognizing a connection with someone, feeling a pull toward them, and wondering what could be or could have been.

Things that seem like big differences, like huge chasms, are sometimes just very small chasms which are badly lit.

It's just so hard to know at the time you are deciding whether or not to jump over.


posted by Arlene (Beth)10:18 PM

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