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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AT&T: Worst Service in the World?

  Let me tell you a story.

My ex/roommate had a phone account with AT&T. When he moved out, we weren't exactly on speaking terms. He told AT&T that I wanted the phone number. Without my permission and without notifying me, they put the account in my name.

I began receiving past due notices for bills I had never seen, and threats about restrictions on the phone service that, frankly, I wasn't using.

I contacted them, asked them to disconnect the phone, and told them that, while I didn't appreciate them secretly creating accounts in my name, that I could overlook all of their errors if they could clean up their mess. I gave them my credit card number. I told them to pay it all off, close it down, and send me a statement. I said I could get a refund from my ex-roommate.

It is now two months later, and I'm receiving collection notices from a collection agency for another bill I have never seen, for an account I never authorized, which I asked them to shut down on November 6th, which also was based on bills I have STILL never seen.

Is there a way they could have screwed this up more? I was trying to be nice to clean up the old account by giving them money for services they had not even described to me, and yet somehow, they managed to make the entire situation stupider.

It is official: I loathe AT&T. They suck monkey butt.


posted by Arlene (Beth)9:07 PM

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